Saturday, April 26, 2014

things I like this week

1. We are leaning towards a cream body paint for our new home with putty windows and trim. This is my favorite inspiration pic. The dark sconces look great with this combination.

2. Our kitchen in the new house will be a creamy white with light countertops. Similar to this but much smaller and without the pendants and double islands. It will be a galley kitchen with one island, windows instead of upper cabinetry and an attached open pantry with windows, refrigerator, cabinetry, shelving, counter space and a bar sink.

3. Blue crabs are in season here so I have been buying their meat at the seafood shop and ordering soft shells at restaurants. One of the easiest quick meals to prepare are crab cakes over greens with vinaigrette.  This watercolor is one variation but there are so many ways to make crab cakes.

4. I love this grill cover. Mary Ann featured it several years ago on her blog, Classic Casual Home. I want to have a local lady I just found who is making slipcovers for us to make one for our grill.

5. A new book about the homes of Furlow Gatewood, One Man's Folly by Julia Reed, has just been published. He is a well known but kind of under-the-radar antique collector, interior decorator and house restorer with great Southern style who lives in Americus, GA. You may recognize his homes as they have been featured in Veranda and elsewhere. He has great eclectic style. You can buy the book here.

6. I love the mirror on this porch.  The whole mix is nice. We have similar wicker. I want an eclectic look on our screened porch too.

7.  Libby of An Eye for Detail blog, featured a Euphorbia plant that is growing in her garden this week. We have never grown euphorbia. I love the form of the bloom, little mustaches over pert green double petals and want to try it in the gardens of our new home.

8.  Another eclectic patio, this one is in one of Furlow Gatewood's homes. You can find many images of his homes on Pinterest, go here to enjoy some of them.  This image was published in Veranda.

9. And finally, this been one of my go-to outfits for the last two months...white jeans and chambray. Being a wardrobe minimalist, I only have one pair of white jeans, the J Crew Matchstick Jean. I wash them often and wear them with every warm weather top, sweater and jacket I have.

source unknown

What are your favorite things this week?

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  1. Wonderful inspiration photos and ideas - especially that grill cover! I hope you all are making good progress on the new house. When are you breaking ground? We finally moved our furniture up to Castine. It was a nightmare - our moving truck broke down on the highway in CT! Let's just leave it there. All is fine now, thankfully!

  2. Cindy: Thanks for the link! Yes, it is an adorable plant and doing well so far: part shade and I have it replanted in a nice clay pot.
    The new kitchen sounds wonderful.
    I saw your comment and pic on Instagram earlier today: so , so sorry you are having such a hard time. Oh those dogs: they grab our hearts and just stay there forever, don't they?

  3. Oooh I love that grill cover too. Can't wait to see the new house.

  4. That grill cover is such a great idea! You posted so many of my favorite things!!


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