Wednesday, April 23, 2014

porch plants

Hi everyone! 
We are having a glorious week of weather after several days of dark skies and heavy rain last week. 

There are three porches on the home we are renting in Beaufort. We have a set of front porches and a little side entry porch from the driveway and garage.  

The front of the house has northern exposure so there is filtered light through the woods on each side of the house morning and late afternoon. We are using the classics...ferns and palms. 

Easy to find at good prices, the nurseries are full of them. They sell out quickly but new shipments arrive weekly.

 I added pansies to the base of the palms to add fullness.

We also have a bird's nest anthurium/anthurium hookeri placed in the middle of the porch so it does not receive too much light.

We have been enjoying the lower porch in the evenings with cocktails and mornings with our tea but the afternoon sun is starting to interfere as it lowers at this time of year. If this was our permanent home, we would hang outdoor drapes at the end of the porch to block the harsh afternoon sun.

The morning light is so pretty....

The upstairs porch has a delicate frilly palm.  I need to start learning the palm varieties. We are using the common ones I found at Lowe's. The top porch is our privacy porch with a full sized sofa, good breezes and nice views.

The side entry porch has a fiddle leaf fig that was difficult to find. I was looking for several months and had to finally order one. They are so popular that they sell out as soon as they arrive. 

We have a small one because the space is tight. I still have not found them at Home Depot where some other bloggers have. I just planted herbs in the tiered planter as I did on in our last home.

We thought these oleanders next to the chimney were goners after the polar vortex came to South Carolina but after painstakingly pulling all the dead foliage off, they are coming back. The landscaping on the house is simple, balanced and attractive. 

The back yard does not have a porch. A screened in porch would be perfect there because it faces the pond.

The pond has turtles that rest on the bank and take surprisingly big leaps into the water when we get close. Also wood ducks are usually here. Geese visit and spend most of their time honking at us if we are out in the yard.. The lawn is not in great shape but as renters, we are not really wanting to spend much on the lawn. I did buy weed spray and a neighbor boy is cutting the grass for us.

So what about your porches? Have you potted your porch plants this spring or are you making plans for when the weather allows? Sticking with the classic palms and ferns makes it easy.

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  1. Morning light is by far my favorite…. and I am most definitely a morning person. I love getting up at 6 in the summer, while it's still cool out, and gardening. So quiet with just the birds up. We have one lovely terrace, right off the kitchen, which is what I longed for for years. In fact, it's probably about 50% of the reason we bought this house! I just finished my lunch, looking over all the plantings inside the courtyard with a critical eye: there is always more to do!

  2. Your life out there looks and sounds so idyllic, I'm so happy for you!! We haven't started getting our deck or patio ready yet, usually around early -mid May is safest here, but yours made me anxious! :)

  3. The porch looks so comfortable Cindy and I love those ferns. I have been trying to find the perfect new chairs for our conservatory and it is proving quite difficult. Either everything is shrinking in size here or I am growing!!!

  4. Looks great! I really love the pansies and palms. Such a cute combination. What is your favorite nursery down there?


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