Saturday, May 3, 2014

spring amaryllis in the garden

We happened upon a red spring garden the other day! A color that Northerners do not associate with spring, we have been noticing red amaryllis (hippeastrum) popping up in gardens around town. This garden in the old Point historic neighborhood in Beaufort has an abundance of them. They accent the white house and dark shade of the oaks.

This home is on the market right now. Here is the link.

We saw some being sold at the farmer's market this morning. Go here for instructions on growing Amaryllis in zone 9-11 gardens.

Down the street from the amaryllis garden is one of the most visible courtyards in the neighborhood. So many are obscured and just provide a little glimpse. The Beaufort River is in the background to the left.

Lots of brick and boxwoods. Spring in the South brings lots of leaf drop as new oak leaves push through and force old leaves off. It adds a casual charm to garden and hard scapes.

What's blooming in your neighborhood? 

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  1. So beautiful cindy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh how gorgeous! I love all the red: they look sort of like oversized tulips! And what a lovely courtyard: of course, all that Spanish Moss gives the garden that so very southern, unique look! Have a lovely weekend Cindy and enjoy this beautiful weather!

  3. Lovely! How interesting to see amaryllises grow in the garden! They would never overwinter in our zone. You must be so excited to garden in this new environment. Thanks for the tour, Cindy. xoxox

  4. Oooooh how gorgeous. I won't repeat myself for the thousandth time and say how much I want to move down there now! I'm loving all these glimpses into Beaufort life.

  5. How beautiful - I can't wait for my roses to bloom - lots of buds but no blooms yet. I can't believe we finally have warm weather in the South!! So happy to find and follow your blog ~

  6. Wow, I've never seen them other than at Christmas. They're beautiful! How fun to to get to experience all the new plants growing there. I'm as excited about your garden as your home!

  7. I certainly love to stumble upon in the art of a gardener! My wife growing a white amaryllis and love to hear and see this read one! The last photo is a garden that everyone loves to visit; kind of mystery and history! Exquisite!

    Sebastian of
    Granny Flat Super Store

  8. I'm fashionably late to this party...but was so inspired by this lovely report. I and the garden cart chock-full of amaryllis bulbs thank you for posting! What a lovely, fresh start to the new year!


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