Saturday, September 20, 2014

cottage kitchen walls

One more post about our cottage kitchen. We looked into adding sconces next to the sink, it won't work in this kitchen, wiring is too difficult and also the space needed for the upper cabinet door to fully open is limited so I added some little watercolors from the hallway of our last house and decided to switch a basket for two little bird prints over the cooktop.

Also added one next to the pantry.

Basket adds contrast and texture and relieves worries about splashing sauces.

I love the vinyl grasscloth in the kitchen, it  adds warmth and compliments artwork so well.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Satulah Mountain hike

An easily accessed hike from downtown Highlands is to the top of Satulah Mountain. It is an inclined climb through a winding neighborhood first before you arrive at the trailhead at the top.

One of my favorite homes in Highlands sits  on a lovely lot about halfway up. It is difficult to get good photos of it though. Hopefully these shots show some of the beauty of the lot and very charming cottage.

A babbling brook runs through the ferns and moss of the side yard alongside the little out building. The home has mountain views to the left, hard to see in the midday haze.

This is a peek through the trees just past the cottage.

After the paved road ascent, and a ten minute wooded trail hike, with patches of galax leaves here and there

the views finally reveal themselves at the top. 

Looking east

Looking to the southwest toward Rabun Gap and Georgia, we found an old stone foundation and fireplace.

Western view.

A perfect hike with temperatures in the seventies and a blue sky, a typical summer day in Highlands, NC.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

our cottage kitchen dining area

Hi everyone!

I posted pics of the kitchen in the mountain cottage we recently moved into yesterday.  Here is the adjacent dining area. A dining bench and pillows finally arrived this week. 

The table is an antique from Dovetail Antiques in Cashiers, NC. I will visit one day and take photos to share on the blog, a great shop. A woodworker is going to raise the legs next week to accomodate the chairs and allow for more legroom.

The arrangement is a group of mountain galax leaves formed into rosettes, available at Vivienne Metzger Antiques, also in Cashiers. Another post worthy destination, I love her shop too.

The interiors of the cottage will be hard to photograph because of weird light. The skylight is over this area. The wall color is not yellow, but a creamy light beige. The photo below reveals the real color.

There is another dining area in the corner of the living room, our kitchen table from the old house, so we can accommodate a larger group when needed and also use it as a work area. The lamps on the buffet have matching bulbs and shades, why are they looking wonky in the photo?
The buffet is waiting for a mirror that I have yet to discover. Hope I can find something rustic and modern. Also need to style the tabletop, this area is the next project.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

our cottage kitchen

Hi everyone!

I thought I would share our little kitchen today. 
We really like the size of it. Plenty of cabinetry for a small kitchen. I even have one empty drawer which is crazy because our last house had a kitchen that was three times the size of this one. 

There is a small freezer-on-top fridge. We miss our old Sub Zero fridges but they would never fit in this kitchen. The opening allows only a 30" width. This one came with the house, it is a nice KitchenAid, we would prefer a freezer-on-bottom model, not found one yet that would suit the space and I am too practical to swap out an almost new fridge in perfect condition.

There is no natural gas in the mountains. Gas cooktops can only be installed after burying a propane tank in the yard to provide gas. This house does not have a tank, so there is an electric cooktop that we surprisingly love! It heats up quickly, boils water much faster than our Wolf gas cooktop at the old house did and allows pan handles to stay cool. The other thing that we were concerned about is the lack of a vent hood. The little circle on the ceiling is the vent. It is very quiet but extremely efficient. I have no idea how it does it, I was assuming the house would smell for days after we cooked something stinky. Not one bit and we broil fish often when the weather does not allow for grilling.

The kitchen was remodeled ten years ago and has the popular granite from that time. Fine for now. Nice to keep herbs from the garden in a vase ready for cooking. Thai basil and parsley have done well in the mountains for us this summer,  sweet basil not as much, needs more warmth. The walls of the kitchen are covered in an attractive vinyl grasscloth that wipes clean, a great product.

I would like a set of sconces on either side of the window. The sellers had a nice antique wood piece over the window that we forgot to request to purchase during the negotiations. This house relies on lots of can lights because it is rather dark, being in the canopy of the mountains. The ceilings of the cottage are low with the exception of the vaulted living room adjacent to the kitchen. 

We love the pantry doors with reclaimed wood that compliment the wood used over the mantle and fireplace. I found extra vinyl grasscloth in the basement, will have it applied inside the pantry. You can see the skylight over the dining area which provides nice light and has an attractive metal grill attached.

The canisters house the tea, cardamom, fennel and spices for the morning chai my husband makes. The framed orange tree is an English Ehrman Tapestry needlepoint I made years ago. I made Ina Garten's white bean soup with rosemary on Saturday when I took this pic, that is the open cookbook page. It is yummy. The striped pitcher is French art pottery. The enamel bowls in the cabinet are vintage Kaj Franck from Finland. I have loved them since I was a teenager and have four of them, I have bought them for our kids apartments too.

So that is all from the little cottage in the mountains today. The sun is shining and I need to get out and enjoy it with some exercise and gardening!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cashiers Designer Showhouse 2014

Can you imagine sitting on your porch with your morning cup of coffee or tea and enjoying this view?  The setting of the Cashiers Historical Society Showhouse 2014 is just spectacular!

The porches and outside living areas were my favorite parts of the house. I loved the delicate window box plantings on the front porch.

The front porch faces the wooded front yard and a perennial bed with a rock sculpture wearing a hat. 

A side entry on the porch led to a flower arranging space/mudroom. Love the moss covered planter with ferns placed on an antique bench. 

Cashiers blogger Lissy Parker featured this shot of the area on her blog....

Brown and chartreuse fabrics and lots of ferns looked great.

The long bench on the right is a South Carolina joggling board. I was surprised to see it used here as they are more common in the coastal Low Country of South Carolina.

The backyard views are just gorgeous and stunning!
 The first floor master bedroom has a beautiful view and private porch with a rustic twig fence that is so commonly used here. Sorry the light was not better.

The main porch was decorated to be pretty and feminine. Designer Lynn Monday used blue & white chinoiserie  as her inspiration. She has recently authored a beautiful book on southern mountain style, you can purchase it here.

The faux bois tableware looks perfect in the mountains. I think it is by Ross Sveback, I have seen it in local  stores.

And finally on the way out, the pond with wooden canoe and great stone dining table. These  two photos also by Lissy Parker.

To get tickets, visit the Cashiers Historical Society site here.

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