Thursday, April 18, 2013

the garden this morning

I was not going to blog until next week but I am sitting down because I am so pooped from painting our long hallway of bookshelves. What a job! Basically like paining three armoires, but three armoires with lots of shelves! 

I started paining at 6:00 this morning, then gardened for awhile to get outside in the perfect weather and now sitting, trying to get inspired to paint some more and using blogging as a form of procrastination.

We were spared daffodil damage twice so far! One snowfall that barely touched us and another day of supposed heavy rain that was light drizzle instead.

I have been cutting a lot of daffodils for the house. Trying to not take too many.

The fish are waiting for the water lilies to grow, they must feel naked as there is no place to hide with the exception of the flag iris root clump. We will watch for the neighborhood Great Blue Heron that shows up once in awhile to make our fish his lunch.
 My technique to send him on his way is to charge out of the house madly waving a kitchen towel and screaming like a crazy woman. It has worked so far! He comes a few times each season.

I clipped some crabapple for the Bryce Brisco pot on the mantle. Hope it blooms but just the green leaves look pretty.

Okay, back to painting for me! We asked our handyman to do the job but he was not free for several more weeks. It would not have happened in a timeframe I was happy with so I jumped in and started myself. It will get done eventually...

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  1. Glad you decided to 'procrastinate' and blog! I would have gone for mindless Pinterest perusing!:) Your early spring garden looks beautiful, thank goodness it escaped any damage. What a job the painting is, it will be worth every minute!

    1. Thanks Pam, almost done, just doing touch ups and restocking the shelves with the books, which I am thinning out. Amazing how much white paint reflects light, huge change, makes the space more feminine, which the menfolk are not thrilled with but were willing to help me with the higher shelves, thank goodness.

  2. Your "solution" for the Great Blue Heron sounds like mine for the squirrels out on our terrace! I charge out the door, very fierce, and they scamper away....only to return within the hour!
    So many wonderful daffodils: I would pick a ton too!

  3. Gorgeous! I watch blue herons all the time they are so beautiful! But so I are your fish :) it's been a fabulous daffodil year hasn't it? I'm excited it looks like my lilacs will have a great year too.


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