Tuesday, April 23, 2013

things I like this week

1.  fern fronds in glass bottles, simply grouped on a mantle

2. the shape of this basket from World Market

3. everything about this tablescape, the rustic wood, the set of Belgian lamps with olive shades, the blue and white porcelain, the wicker bottle, the maple branches,  the trio of stools and the oversized paned mirror as a backdrop

4. a wall of reclaimed wood and black metal brackets to make a stylish set of shelves and huge desk space, what a great idea and so much storage

5. this fabric by Nate Berkus, available at Calico Corners

6. this set of Mistral soaps that make a perfect gift, priced at $23

7. raffia trays from West Elm

8. this taupe and black patio by Joy Tribout, time to get our patios ready for warm weather living!

9. green ranunculus! I am seeing ranunculus in nurseries and florists these days in our area but not green ranunculus!

What are you liking this week?

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  1. Gorgeous, love those fern fronds in bottles. Really fresh and clean.

  2. I LOVE these posts, Cindy!! Your great taste, all wrapped up together and coordinated beautifully! I took that Nate fabric to my client a couple weeks ago in the gold colorway. That vignette looks like it would be perfect in your home, and I've always loved those West Elm trays. Snow again today! :(

  3. Thanks for including World Market.

    - World Market

  4. I love those fern fronds... and I think West Elm has some great bottles. Haven't looked recently, but maybe Loi Thai did an instagram on them? not sure....

  5. I'm obsessed with blue and white porcelain all week, every week! Haha. I'm into miss this week. On Martha Stewart's blog yesterday she posted about wire baskets lined with moss and planted with ferns. It looks so lush. I'm thinking I might do some of that. Great choices :) I love World Market! Lol it was the first place I drove when I had my license! And I bought a huge Balinese cabinet that barely fit in my moms SUV!


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