Tuesday, May 21, 2013

things I like this week

1.  Simple kitchen beauty...image from Australia's "Martha Stewart" Donna Hay, visit her website here.

2. I want another Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project and have been searching the house for something I can paint. Would love to find a dresser at consignment or thrift similar to this one for one of our bedrooms and paint it in Louis Blue with a light coat of dark wax applied on top.

3. What a beautiful way to create separation on a patio. Drought tolerant ornamental grasses in glazed pots. Design by Mark English.

4. I love Meg Braff's rooms.... always fresh, traditional, and pretty!

5. The most elegant summer accessory.... Elizabeth Locke earrings.

 6. Gingham ribbon and embossed gift wrap, Carolyne Roehm used to sell both on her website but can copy the look for a little summer gift.

7. Linen lovers should spend a few minutes on Libeco's site or visit one of their stores when traveling in Europe. The ultimate in linen products. Shop here in the US. The gorgeous monogram on this Libeco pillow is done No. Four Eleven and can be purchased here.

8. I have copied this look this spring, but my skirt is about 3" longer! From Suburbly Chic tumbler.

9. The prettiest drink EVER! Ice cubes made with distilled water and edible flowers. Layer water in cube tray 1/3 up and freeze. Add flowers (or a raspberry or blueberry) and bit more water and freeze. One more layer on top. Here is the Martha how to.

What things are you liking this week?

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  1. I've had those ice cubes pinned for awhile, and still haven't done it ~ I can see my boys rolling their eyes now! :) Cute outfit, definitely stealing that one, and my skirt will be longer as well! Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Those ice cubes are to die. Haha and I couldn't figure out why the Elizabeth Locke jewels looked so familiar...then I realized she advertises in Veranda! I love the treatment on the gold. It makes it look ancient.

  3. The grasses in pots...what a lovely look, and I like them grouped together!


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