Friday, May 17, 2013

in the garden this morning

The patio crabapple is still in bloom but dropping its flowers and the Japanese maples are all fully leafed out. All the other crapapples are done flowering. That green electric box next to the pond that powers the falls and filter will be covered once the grass in front and hydrangeas fill in.

Husband has been boosting the plants with bat guano. 

 He makes a tea in the lobster pot on the burner of the grill which promotes the blending of the guano into the water and then dilutes it in a big tub and douses plants with it directly from a pitcher. 

The big bag has lasted several years and is now finished. He just purchased sea bird guano because it does not require cooking first, blends easily. We'll see how that goes. I used to grow tomatoes in pots on our basement patio when it received more sun than it does now. He fertilized them with the bat guano and they grew so tall that I could not find supports that were tall enough, they grew to over 7'! A lawn care man once saw them and knocked on the door wanting to know what we did to make our tomatoes grow like that!

Herbs are planted and starting to grow...lots of basil, mint, parsley and dill. Keeping it simple this year with the herbs I use the most. Have lavender and rosemary in the border too.

Anemone on the path.

Dogwoods (in silhouette) on garage wall ready to bloom

Spanish bluebells in the front yard. I want to get the Virginia Bluebells to naturalize too not working so far. In Southern Ohio, they go crazy.

Tadpoles on the rocks, soon there should be little frogs on the lily pads. Water lilies are starting to fill in.

Purple allium in the border. These were purchased as Blue Azure, were either mislabeled or refuse to bloom blue.

Ferns are up everywhere.

Solomon's Seal is in bloom.

Could not get the right light for this but here is the bloom underneath.

What's in your garden today?

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  1. Your yard is just stunning. I have never heard of that Bat thing. I have made compost tea. What's the difference? It is obviously making your yard beautiful.

  2. So gorgeous and makes me want to place a bomb in our backyard.

  3. Oh my gosh, Cindy! It's so inspiring! Every time I see I want to invite myself over for a stroll ~ you need to be on a local garden tour!

  4. Hi Cindy -
    Your garden is beautiful!! The trees are looking really lush. Do you have Sycamores on your property? They are always so late to flush out. BTW, I need to get that recipe from Arvind. Can I use it on houseplants?
    PS - Yes, my two giant topiaries are crazy. Looks like something from Alice and Wonderland :) I trim the tops using a stepladder and yes, I do make mistakes trimming.

  5. Really nice Cindy... wish we could visit each other's gardens! But I hope you will continue to post garden tours on Friday as I do Friday Flowers. Of course, it will eventually get SO hot here this summer that there won't be much happening outside! But for now all is good. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Cindy, your garden is a work of absolute love and I get so much from these little visits,so wonderful.
    I bet your plants love the bat guano. We use good old 'chicky-poo' every year. Look forward to the froggy updates.

  7. SO GORGEOUS! All the time and effort you put in over the years shines so clearly. As your plantings have matured, does your property get less sun? I hope you still have a spot for tomatoes! You know I think using bat guano is a great idea for me as I have been told I was "batshit crazy"! Haha.


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