Wednesday, May 22, 2013

dogwoods in the house & garden

The pair of dogwoods we have planted in the narrow bed on the back of our garage are in  bloom right now. They were pink but this year they are white. This is probably due to the alkaline clay soil we have.

You cannot tell from the photo above (foliage is blending with trees in background) but the left one is similar size to the right. We planted them there to cover the large expanse of siding on either side of the single window. They are filling the space beautifully. We are so happy with them.

Aren't they so pretty?

Brought a few branches into the house to enjoy....

Our AC is on today, too muggy and hot. We are needing rain badly and hoping for some this afternoon. Weekend looks to be cooling down, which we will enjoy. Unusual to have our air conditioning on this early in the summer.

How is it in your neck of the woods? Are your dogwoods in bloom? Is it getting too warm too early?  Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

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  1. My dogwoods are not blooming yet. We are behind you. It's humid here in NJ, and it has rained for 2 days. Looks like more rain is coming tomorrow. AND we are on odd even days of watering ?!?!!

  2. Hi, Cindy - It is gorgeous here in DC! I have been out of town, and just got home. My American wisterias are in full bloom. As are the shrub roses, irises, geraniums, etc. Peonies about to pop! I love your dogwoods in that beautiful pottery jug on the mantel. The scale is purrrrrrfect :)
    I hope you, Arvind and Andy have a wonderful long weekend ~

  3. Your dogwood look fabulous! I never knew dogwoods' color could be manipulated like hydrangeas! Yes AC has been on down here for about a week. Looking forward to the cool down. Especially because my HVAC contractor for the new salon had to put me off for the huge boom he had in the heat. People never get their air conditioners fixed until their houses are too hot to stand.

  4. We don't have dogwoods, I'm sure we could grow them if you can (meaning the climate, not the gardeners)! They're beautiful, and look so fresh and pretty on your mantel. We've had nice rain here and there, and thankfully not too hot, yet!

  5. Cindy, your dogwoods are beautiful. I am drooling over the vase on the mantle that has the branches in it -- gorgeous! I have a thing for pottery, and have featured our collection in a couple of my blog posts. I'd love to have a piece like that!

    In addition to the dogwoods, I love the fern you have growing behind your garage. And the tree that has the deep red/burgundy leaves. Is that a Japanese maple or something else?

  6. Hello Cindy, so nice to see how a simple tree cutting can look so elegant when brought indoors, gorgeous. I know some Cornus capitata blooms fade from creamy white to pink. Is there any chance yours will?


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