Wednesday, May 29, 2013

this morning in the garden (and earlier)

Dark grey light this morning as we may be getting more rain. We are finally in a wet weather pattern after being too dry for the last few weeks. The lilac clematis is in bloom on the arbor it shares with the honeysuckle vine which is getting close to bloom.

Baptisia and a peek of white allium in the border. The tiny white blooms are an unknown  plant that sprinkles the border each season. We like it and it is not invasive. This border does well considering it competes for water and light with the maples.

 Andy uses the low bird bath as his favorite outdoor water source. He ignores his bowl. I gave him a home haircut with the clippers. Will improve my technique hopefully the next time! A little bit choppy, he is not getting compliments any more! But he ran around like a happy crazy dog after the haircut, he always reacts that way to a lighter coat.

Dark morning so far.

Lots of blooms still on the dogwoods.

Everything is filling out, obviously we like the full look! Lots of plant variety.

Lilac ornamental tree next to the front porch.

Hawthorn trees in bloom, pretty but stink the day the blooms open, really disgusting smell! We planted them for their fall berries twelve years ago not knowing about the smell. Took these on a sunny morning a few days ago.

Back to today.

We just planted five Snowball Viburnums in place of a group of Red Twigged dogwoods that were fine but not exciting and did not create enough shade to dominate thistles that come up in this sunny front bed. They will be gorgeous and big one day. Daylilies, pachysandra, ivy and limelight hydrangeas (further up the hill) are its companions.

Eden's Perfume peonies are the most fragrant peony ever! These are placed next to the side yard basement 
patio. They are scenting the inside of the house beautifully with several bouquets. They also have a very long bloom time.

I took this a few days ago before the peonies opened. We added a Japanese maple to the basement patio bed at the base of the hill.

Our little froggies ( Green Frogs) are adorable. Took these the other day when we had sun.

The two clumps of yellow flag iris in the pond are up and lovely!

Tell me, what's blooming in your garden or neighborhood?

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  1. Cindy, your garden is truly an oasis. I love these posts! There is such variety, different colors. And the pond (plus the frogs) really make it perfect. Andy looks handsome as ever.

  2. Claudia's description of an oasis is perfect! Your blooms are way ahead of ours, I think our May 1st snowstorm had a lot to do with it. Our lilac buds and apple blossoms didn't survive. :( I didn't think it was Andy in the first photo, we haven't ever clipped Rio that short, but I bet she'd be happy, too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us, Cindy!

  3. I just can't get over how stunning your garden is. You have timed it so perfectly. It looks like something is always blooming at your house.

  4. Ooooh I am so happy right now. THANK YOU! One of my friends has the most beautiful pink peonies with the most heavenly perfume. I have stood in her garden google imaging every variety I can think of or find to compare to her peonies. Four years to no avail. Your peonies are a perfect match! I'm ordering like 50 today. We're they hard to find? She has here from her childhood home, she estimates they were planted about 60 years ago. YAY! It's funny how we are so relatively close but you're a few weeks behind my blooms down here. All my lilacs are long gone :( beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. As always. As for Andy's haircut, the best advice I can give on clipper cuts is it's a bit like frosting a cake. The pressure and position of your hand needs to remain consistent, that keeps the length consistent. Hard to do with a squirming dog! If you ever watched a men's haircut with clippers, you've seen how the stylist/barber flicks his/her wrist in uniform pattern. I'm sure he'll be getting much praise very soon! If you have an emergency dog haircut problem, let me know...I'll come up there and accept a peony eye as a thank you! Haha.

  5. So many things to love here! Viburnums are one of my favorite too...
    I've never had Hawthorn trees, but I guess now I never will. Are you going to take them down? What a shame to have a tree smell THAT badly!... but then again, the peonies more than make up for them. Really lovely garden walk: thank you!

  6. Post by post, your garden just gets more and more beautiful!!
    Your clematis are are spectacular - I love that periwinkle blue color.
    I also enjoy seeing your frog pictures, Cindy. They are so cute. I have read that frog numbers in the wild are rapidly decreasing. It's so heartening to see the 'sanctuary' you've created for them!

    I cut our dogs hair, too, but he's a standard poodle, so the curls cover all my mistakes!
    Best wishes for more rain, although you look pretty darn lush!

  7. Cindy, the garden just goes from strength to strength thanks to your thoughtful planning and delightfully green fingers. Such a joy to watch its progress.
    It is hard to see from your photo but is the mystery flower a white Campion or some form of Silene?
    Paul x


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