Wednesday, October 15, 2014

After the storm

We are still here! 
After 2 days of dense fog and one day of high winds and 14" inches of rain. Yes, 14" of rain, we have emerged!

To sunshine!

We were greeted with a sunny dry porch this morning when we opened the curtains,

thanks to the vinyl roll curtains that are so commonly used here. They snap shut and have heavy wood rods to weigh them down on the bottom. They kept everything dry during the driving winds and buckets of rain all day yesterday.

There are leaves and branches everywhere, lots of clean up to do this morning.

Husband gets to put his beloved blower to use. 

We are trying to bring back the damaged holly next to the house, it was hurt during the Polar Vortex of last winter, the coldest temperatures this area of the South has had in many years.

 I spotted a funky pair of mushrooms as I was inspecting the yard, I think they are Russula mushrooms with damaged edges.

Are you cleaning up from the storm in your neck of the woods? 

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  1. I'm glad you all and the house are okay. We are about to get some bad weather here in DC. warm and humid. Can't wait to see the fall foliage in your area. Cheers

  2. Oh my, Cindy, what crazy weather! Great to know everything was fine this morning. Love those pretty mushrooms on your console!

  3. Lovely sunlight coming through there! We finally had sun by early afternoon: the pouring rain made it a very messy job with the guys cutting tile for our new bathroom floors. What a mess. But well worth it! The next few days should be lovely, warm and clear!


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