Monday, June 16, 2014

packing up

 Hi everyone! 
Just checking in before we get very busy with the move to our mountain cottage. I will get back to blogging once we make the move and are settling in. It will be interesting to see how our stuff will look in the mountains since we thought we were going to be on the coast! Light furniture and fabrics were saved from our family house, not the dark heavier things that look so perfect in the mountains. Oh well! Talk soon. xox

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  1. What's a more ethereal setting for light painted furniture than up in the mountains? :) good luck!

  2. Good luck, Cindy! Your beautiful furniture will look good anywhere. Plus, you can always find new treasures to fill in the gaps :) xoxo L

  3. Will be thinking of you! Best of luck with the move.

  4. Good luck moving, Cindy! I have no doubt it will be beautiful, can't wait to see it!

  5. Good luck Cindy. I am thrilled for you, what a great new adventure to begin. x

  6. Hi Cindy, can you tell me more about your decision not to stay in Beaufort? We are contemplating a move there. How did you like Habersham?


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