Monday, June 9, 2014

mountain porches

 design by Francie Hargrove

Highlands and its sister town, Cashiers, are both known for their beautiful mountain homes. Of course, most have covered decks or porches to capture the pretty views.
The screened porch below was a big selling point for us in the small ranch home we are buying. These are photos of the porch on the day we bid on the house. Plants and a rug will be added once we move in

along with a bit of furniture rearrangement, this feels a bit tight

The demijohn bottle, set of stationary chairs and round side table are going with the sellers.  But we are able to purchase the rocking chairs, sofa and dining set. I will be sure to post photos of sunny days on the porch soon, this day was quite dreary.

Here are some favorite mountain porch inspirations I have pinned...

a  Cashiers porch designed by Kathleen Rivers and featured in  House Beautiful. The striped rug!

this beauty was featured in House Beautiful

a Cashiers porch done by Phoebe Howard

A beautiful porch bar, done for the Cashiers Showhouse a few years ago. Checked fabrics look great in the mountains.

 design by Francie Hargrove

A log home in Highlands.... this home was actually owned by the same couple we are purchasing our home from. They had two homes in Highlands (one for family and friends) and are downsizing to a condominium.. The house was featured in Traditional Home.  Read more here. This is the same set of  porch furniture we are purchasing from them.

Kathleen Rivers designed this dining porch space that was featured in Garden & Gun. Fantastic view of Whiteside Mountain from this one.

A porch with black woodwork, painted wicker and awesome stone fireplace by Charleston designer Amelia Handegun.

I will be sure to regularly post some photos of our porch as we get settled. It will be the focal point of the house in the summer and fall.

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  1. It couldn't be more perfect, and how fortunate to get the beautiful furniture! I'm so anxious to see you pull it all together if your fabulous style. My mind goes straight how beautiful all the color will be in the fall!

    1. Thanks Pam, we have been there in the fall and it is beautiful! Fun to try and decorate a mountain house. We have been on such an adventure in the last year. We should settle down for awhile now!

  2. Cindy, I love these mountain porches! Thank you for sharing them with us. My favorite is the last one with the dramatic stone fireplace, black painted trim and stained wood ceiling. The porch in your new home is wonderful too. I can't wait to see more of the house. What is the kitchen like?

    1. Kitchen is small and pretty, Claudia. I hope I can keep it nice. Looks like not much cooking has taken place there. It has a washable vinyl grasscloth on the walls, I did not know there was such a thing. And no backsplash, may have to install one. I will share some photos of it soon.

  3. Just like Claudia, I love that last one with the black painted trim! And a stripe rug would be perfect. What a really perfect place to stay any time of day. So, do you get much snow? I've never been out there in winter….What about deer in the gardens, or is it fenced? So many new things to consider!

    1. No fence, Libby. We will use the Bobbex that really discouraged the deer in our Ohio home, even saved the hostas. Yard does not need too much but we will add few rhodos, hydrangeas, peonies, perennials (lupines, etc). Highlands averages 4" of snow a year and 5 less sunny days than the Low Country. Winter is much milder than what we are used to in northeast Ohio. Lots of rain though, on the days the sun is not out. That is why it is so green. My husband loves rain, me not so much after a day or two. We will have to head to the coast in Jan and Feb for some breaks.

  4. Oh Cindy, its absolutely lovely and its going to look so gorgeous once you put your own personal stamp on it.
    I can see myself on the porch relaxing and taking in the beautiful views.
    Think of all the amazing things you can do with a space like that.
    I got me a feeling that Mama's going to be doing a little porch shoppin'.
    Paul x :)


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