Wednesday, June 4, 2014

heading to the mountains

Hi everyone! 

Dry Falls, Nantahala National Forest

Not much blogging lately due to some changes over here. After moving south in January and having almost completed a coastal house design for our lot on the Port Royal Sound, we have made a decision to make an "about face". I use that term because our decision is affected by a military decision announced in March to place approximately 80 new supersonic F 35 jets (you may have heard about them in the news for their cost overruns)  at the Air Station in Beaufort over the next few years.  

Whiteside Mountain, Highlands, NC

Since our break ground date was set for late June, we saw the timing as an opportunity to make a change. We decided to search for a home in other favorite areas of the Carolinas and ended up in beautiful Highlands, NC in the Nantahala National Forest. Since husband works from home, we are free to live anywhere with a good internet connection. Situated near the borders of SC, NC and GA, Highlands is a summer escape for Southerners. It and its sister city, Cashiers, are known for mountain views, waterfalls, hiking trails, and charming towns with excellent restaurants, pretty shops and a world renown inn.

Old Edwards Inn and Spa in downtown Highlands

We have purchased a small ranch home with a porch view of Whiteside Mountain in the distance. Here are a few shots of the house and lot, taken on a very cloudy afternoon as rain was approaching. Will post more once we make the move.

The home is well kept and decorated beautifully.  We love the raised ceiling and fireplace. 

We are purchasing most of the porch wicker, the sellers want to keep a few pieces. The view is difficult to see in the light of that day. There are plastic blinds in place that roll up for warm weather, they will keep things nice and dry through the winter.

Stone steps to the front door. They are taking the chimney pot, we wanted to purchase it. ;o(  I left ours with the buyers of our Ohio house because it covered the well pipe.

May trim foliage for an enhanced view. 

View from the garage. A drainage system is in place in the gravel driveway.

The street circles around a common land park with a playground and community garden plots.

We will move in late June. Our plan is to escape back to the Low Country in the winter months for sunny breaks. I will post in a few days with some beautiful images of mountain homes in the Highlands/Cashiers areas. 

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  1. Wow! I was not expecting this news. That looks sooo beautiful. Lots of shade for a lush shady garden. The screened porch will be delightful. Congrats, Cindy!! Can't wait to see / read more. xo

  2. !!!!!! I am down in HHI now. Thought about emailing you to try and get together for lunch, but figured you were busy. Seems like I was right! I stay in Palmetto Dunes, and I've noticed planes flying over most of the afternoon. I need to explore if this is related. Glad you made this decision before you broke ground. Good luck!

  3. Oh wow! That is quite a change…. I was looking forward to stopping by on our many, future trips down the coast. Well, now I'll just have to head west. I have heard SO many great things about Highlands and specifically about The Old Edwards Inn (their spa is supposed to be one of the best anywhere!!!). The house looks lovely and the views spectacular. Best of luck Cindy with the move; I'm sure you will be so glad to finally unpack all your things!

  4. What news! You have chosen a wonderful new location, Cindy, and the house you bought looks fantastic. I love that living room with its high ceiling and stone fireplace! The mountains will be a much different feel from the coast. Both are great (personally I'm more of a beach girl). You'll have snow in the winter and cooler summers. Such a nice mountain view! Good luck with your move and everything. Share more photos of that nice house with us!

  5. Oh my gosh Cindy, I love how you two roll! This is absolutely beautiful, I can picture you spending hours on that porch enjoying the gorgeous setting! I can't wait to see your stamp on the home, I'm not familiar with this area at all, it's absolutely charming!

  6. Wow, Cindy, good thinking & fast moving! Congratulations on your charming new home! What a perfect porch! I have heard that part of the country is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to your exploration photos. And your decorating and gardening ideas. Happy new home!

  7. How exciting Cindy. I know I'm a Johnny come lately. I am dragging my heels a little with blogging and need to get my act together. On the one hand I'm sad to hear that you are having to do an about face but I am getting a great feel about this already, the scope for the garden area is amazing. I looking forward to your updates soon. x


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