Tuesday, May 7, 2013

things I like this week

1. This day bed full of neutral pillows made with Lauren Leiss fabrics  is calm and casual. Love the mix of patterns and the wrinkled look, like the linen duvet on our bed.

2. Easy appetizer that comes from the freezer...puff pastry cheese sticks. Just cut into strips after thawing, layer cheese and herbs, twist and bake. There are never leftovers of these. The presentation is so stylish... little crocks with herb sprig and olive branch tied with twine.

3. Bernardo sandals are classic. I have a few pairs that are still in great shape after several summers of wear. Love the shape and color of these. I like a back strap, they make less noise, no flapping around!

4. Summer roll season is here. We love to eat this Vietnamese dish as an appetizer or for  a simple dinner on the patio. Just soak the rice wrapper quickly, roll with any combination of shrimp, chicken, peppers, cucumbers, green onions. cabbage, sprouts, cilantro, thai basil and make a quick peanut dipping sauce. Recipe here.

5. This is the prettiest carrot dish ever! Simply roasted with rosemary. My local grocery sells rainbow carrots but not with the tops on. I might see them this summer at the farmer's markets. Recipe from Oh My Veggies blog here.

6. Speaking of carrots, what a cute little bun-bun!

7. Blenheim Bouquet smells great. On anyone. Male or female, in my bath, on a neck or on my husband's face. He wears their aftershave balm. 

8. This creamy kitchen is quite beautiful! Every element of it...
the cabinet color
 the stone floors and countertops
 the open shelving and everything perfectly arranged on the shelves
 the basket and pot rack
 the soft pink tulips
the tied tea towels
and the great sink!

9. Fresh makes beautiful soaps which make great gifts for friends or yourself. Becoming more widely available, they are adding stores, joining the flagship store on Union Square in NYC, online shop here. The soaps are triple milled and last a long time. Packaging is especially pretty.

What are you liking this week?

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  1. Cindy, as always I love your selection! Oh my, that bunny is precious and makes my heart melt. The food photos are gorgeous -- I need to make spring rolls this summer. I adore Fresh soaps and bought my first bars in NYC many years ago. They are pricey but they last a long time. The packaging is amazing -- I love to display them in a bowl in the bathroom.

  2. This made me hungry ~ I haven't made those cheese sticks for a long time, I'm going to be on the hunt for a cute crock, and I've never made spring rolls, need to remedy that! That kitchen makes me want a pot rack, I had one years ago and loved it! Have a wonderful day, Cindy!

  3. A bunch of carrots and that miniature wabbit to go please!

  4. I love your "or on my husband's face": yes, that is so true! I love it when he puts on my favorite after shave: I guess that's how men feel when women wear perfume.. very nice detail Cindy. As to the bunny: well,he is adorable, but oh, I have so many problems with our bunny here in the garden that it's hard to feel sympathetic toward them!!


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