Tuesday, February 26, 2013

leather wrap bracelets on etsy

 Love these bracelets made by Louisiana etsy seller Leatherwraps.  Great way to update your wrist! A set of six bracelets in your choice of gold or silver tubes and lots of great colors of leather costs $23.

She also offers a double tube style.

They look stylish on their own or paired with other bracelets for an arm party look.

Last year's Pantone color....

I have seen them in stores but they were not made in the US, at such a low price, in such attractive color choices or with the choice of silver or gold tubes. Visit Leatherwraps here.  Makes a great gift too!


  1. Perfect gift again! I know my niece would love these ~ thanks!!

  2. The design is great and the work fabulous ...
    Got Too Many ...
    Thanks for Sharing
    Arm Bracelets

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