Thursday, February 14, 2013

Caitlin McGauley

Happy Valentine's Day!

These watercolor hearts are painted by illustrator and artist Caitlin McGauley. You probably know her work. She has created commissions for Lonny, Matchbook, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Hermes and Kate Spade, quite a list of impressive clients!

I contacted Caitlin a year ago after seeing a cute Indian elephant she had painted and posted on her blog. She had not started selling prints on her website yet. She wrote back and offered to sell me the original.  I decided it would be the perfect birthday present to moi! She is very sweet and friendly as well as being so talented. Here is the painting, on a shelf in our bedroom. I posted a photo of it the other day on the blog because I have been making changes in our bedroom....

She sells a similar elephant on her site (sold out for now)...

It is hard not to love everything Caitlin paints. Here are a few more of my favorites but I pretty much love everything she does.....

She now sell pretty porcelain trays made in Portugal with images of her work, although they are a bit pricey!

To learn more about Caitlin, visit her website here.

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day, treat yourself to something sweet!

All illustrations are the property of Caitlin McGauley.


  1. LOVE her fresh, whimsical style, I think you need a tray for your next birthday! Wishes for a lovely day with the boys at your home!


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