Tuesday, January 29, 2013

this week

We moved one of the bird feeders to the crab apple tree on the patio so we could get a closer look of the goings on of the little critters that live outside our windows. The mess the seeds make is not a problem in the winter as it falls on the patio, so no damage to the myrtle bed and no sunflower sprouts to worry about in the summer. 

I love the shape of the plump mourning doves' little bodies. This was taken yesterday when we still had snow, all melted today. They wait in the tree and then drop down to  sit under the feeder to get dropped seeds. Not sure how they stay so chubby.

The last little bit of snow next to the sweet baby Red Tailed Squirrel. We actually have more black squirrels in our yard. I will get a pic of one to show later.

He or she looked up at me and then turned its back!

The Amaryllis finally bloomed in all its trumpeting glory! It seems to be white, not the Lemon Star like I thought we had bought. I love the whole process of watching it grow, I will never tire of watching a flower come to life! Its sister plant is way behind so perhaps we will see it bloom in the spring!

Still cooking Ina food, made Mac and Cheese and Lemon Chicken but forgot to get the camera, it is difficult for me to remember to photograph food once it is ready. Not sure what I will make next. Going to take advantage of the mild weather today... temps in the fifties, and head to a  Lebanese restaurant for dinner. We picked up the two Ina books I did not have on our last trip to Costco,  Foolproof and how easy is that?

I decided to stop buying paper napkins. We still need them for messy finger food but my collection of cloth napkins, collected over many years, was just sitting in the drawer. We hardly entertain like we used to when we were younger. I placed a group of them in a basket on the counter near the flatware drawer, easy to pick one up and then just throw into the laundry sink nearby when done or we are using them twice, leaving them at our places at the table.

Husband invented a new cocktail the other day when some friends were over for NFL playoff games! I had shown him these two mixers we had for vodka. The cocktail of the day was a Bloody Mary so I was intending to just use the Clamato, the Izze sparkling grapefruit was a backup in case someone did not like tomato juice. He thought I said to use both when making the Bloody Marys. A little miscommunication but we loved it, much lighter and fresher than a regular Bloody Mary. On round two, we all ordered the new concoction! I highly recommend it. He also used the horseradish, lime and worcestershire like usual. I recommend you try it, we are calling it a Bloody Mary Fizz.

And finally, my favorite candle is at the end of its wick this morning. Have you ever used Rigaud candles

I have since my mother bought one for me over twenty years ago. She is still the source as that is the only request I give her when she asks for a birthday idea. It is quite a luxury, not something I would purchase for myself. I love the Cypres scent, perfect for winter which is the only time I burn it. There are many more floral scents and I should try them too.

What are you up to this during this dreary time of year?  We have only seen the sun one day in the last two weeks, that day was glorious with a beautiful blue sky but we need more!


  1. Your chubby little friends are so cute, I'd want to watch them, too. Not so much fans of our squirrels as they tease Rio constantly, I'm always afraid she's going to get hurt chasing after them. Your amaryllis is beautiful! What a great idea to use your cloth napkins, I have quite a collection, too. The lively colors of Ina's books are so pretty stacked there - how was the mac 'n cheese. I haven't ever tried hers but I'm a fan of Martha's and Giada's! One last thing since I'm on a roll - just last Sunday I said, 'I haven't had a Bloody Mary forever, that sounds so good!' Will give your recipe a try!

  2. I love feeding the birds and bird watching! We just bought a neat feeder made out of cedar with holes drilled into it (probably easy to make). You stuff "bark butter" into the holes and supposedly the birds love it. We haven't hung it yet. My husband needs to figure a way to squirrel- and raccoon-proof it. We've had more than one suet feeder stolen by raccoons which is very discouraging. Your amaryllis are beautiful. I had a red one this year and it opened after Christmas. The box said it could be planted outside and would bloom next year. Our garden has a red amaryllis that someone before us planted and we enjoy it year after year.


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