Thursday, January 3, 2013

signs of life in the garden

Some shots from our morning walk, a prettier sky today with glimpses of blue so more color and light to enjoy....

"Chase's tree", in memory of a dear friend, is a scarlet oak that holds on to its leaves longer than the maples and beeches.

We did not clip the grasses so that we could enjoy the foliage in the dreary landscape.

Andy on the lookout for deer. Their trail is in the middle of the woods. We have not seen them much lately.

A stick!

The creek is quietly trickling.

The beeches are still hanging on too but they will be gone soon.

My muse provides me with so many shots. He looks beautiful in the snow.

The little stump that sits next to the hammock in the summer wearing a cap.

The lavender is still green and fresh in the border!

Mother Nature is creating beautiful designs in the pond ice.

The goldfish are amazing, their tiny bodies able to adapt to the freezing temperatures!

Andy and I love wandering around searching for signs of life in the winter garden. 


  1. What a beautiful walk, Cindy! It always amazes me, Andy and Rio look almost identical, their head shape, pink noses and white faces. Love that you take time to enjoy and share nature's designs in the ice!

  2. Pretty pictures, Cindy! I have been sick for a few days and not able to get out and enjoy the snow. Also, it is quite cold here recently so I guess it was a good time to be bedridden. Hope you and yours are well!


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