Friday, January 4, 2013

Ina's classic chicken soup

No one is sick (knock on wood) but I decided to make chicken soup yesterday.  I tried Ina's version, another recipe from her Family Style cookbook.  

It's all about the stock. Making homemade stock makes a huge difference. I am usually too lazy to make stock so making stock was kind of fun. Just cut up a fryer, save the breasts for roasting later to add to the soup.  Add the fryer pieces to the pot to cook for several hours with the veggies and herbs. It does smell divine while cooking, everyone asked what smelled so good upon entering the house.

The recipe is kind of boring but good for this time of year. Served it with a Caesar salad which was tangy and full of flavor. I forgot to photograph it and the rye triangle toasts I made instead of croutons. I make the dressing in the Cuisinart with an egg that I microwave in a glass of water for 45 seconds. Add it with garlic, parmesan cheese, several anchovy fillets and puree. Then add salt, pepper, juice of a lemon or two depending on size and then drizzle in olive oil as the motor is running. Yum!!! Restaurant versions are never as good as homemade. I eyeball everything and it always comes out great, just taste it to adjust.

Since my husband and two sons were going to be eating the soup for dinner, I served less broth in the bowls. I am not a fan of hearty wide egg noodles but they really liked them. I would much prefer a skinnier pasta but must make the menfolk happy.

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  1. I'm loving this series already, it's only 10:00 and I want Chicken Noodle soup! I'm with the men on the wide egg noodles. I always do the same homemade dressing, my boys love the anchovies. It's so hard to photograph food, great job!


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