Tuesday, November 13, 2012

roses in water

What a boost to have fresh flowers in the house throughout the winter. Yesterday this half dozen of soft peach roses looked so pretty at my grocery and for just four dollars! Now that the garden has gone to sleep for the winter, the grocery store cut flower season has started. No matter where cut flowers are bought, they are all being grown in South America with the exception of local summer flowers at farm markets so the grocery is as good a source as any. 

For years I have avoided buying cut roses. When I have received them for a birthday or anniversary, they usually did not open fully and their heads would appear too heavy and droop. I cut them at sharp angles with sharp pruners and always had food in the water but it made no difference.  I recently decided to try again as I miss having their beauty in the house. I am now using some new (but old to those in the know) techniques with success and roses are now my new favorite flower!

I cut the stems fully immersed in water. Once I have placed them in the vase, I cup my fingers and very gently open the bud to reveal the petals somewhat. They seem to like this as they now have been opening beautifully to reveal all their loveliness! Am I the only one to not know how to properly care for cut roses? Thank you Google.

stylish serendipity photos


  1. Fresh flowers are my favorite, I never buy roses either, but will definitely try your tip! That gorgeous piece of pottery is so unique, perfect vignette!

  2. The most lasting cut flowers we ever bought actually were a rare spontaneous purchase from a local supermarket which we thought were small roses. Those puppies opened up bigger and bigger over the following days and practically refused to wither.

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous! You captured their beautiful perfectly in your photos. I buy grocery store flowers all the time. Nothing compares to the ambiance of fresh flowers! I just found you through Loi.

  4. Thank you for that tip, Cindy. I've had the same problem with roses.

    And thank you for the link to the Hammershoi article. I have that catalogue, and did see the Hammershøi exhibit when it was in DC many years ago. I also saw his exhibition in London at the Royal Academy, too.

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I, too, have had the disappointement of roses drooping without ever opening - and where they came from doesn't seem to matter. I am going try your method with the next batch. Those are gorgeous - I love the color.


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