Tuesday, November 27, 2012

pillow post 2

One more post about pillows...also inspired by Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home.

photo credit Classic Casual Home

Fabric obsession. Those of us visual types can relate. I first saw this fabric on Mary Ann's blog. The happy orange and pink lumbar pillows in her California living room were made by Liana of Woodyliana.  I had to know what this fabric was! I investigated and discovered it is Barry Dixon's Ishtar in Cinnabar. I want to use this fabric somewhere! Looks nice on the desk chairs in the Lonny offices...
as seen on Woodyliana's Etsy shop site...

photo credit Lonny
I love it when special fabrics speak to me. The only place I can imagine using this right now is our daughter's apartment that we have been working on. She has the orange wall behind her bed but we have already purchased an orange Greek key design pillow for her bed that looks great. I am too practical to replace something quickly. Liana is offering a pair of them on her Etsy shop here. Is anyone else as crazy for this fabric as I am? 

photo credit Woodyliana


  1. Ha! You know I like them...I missed that they were on the Lonny chairs. The fabric actually has black stitching...nice.

  2. I say we add em to my apartment!! Tres cool pattern :)

  3. I love the combination of pink and orange - get them for your daughter! I love lots of pillows.

  4. Maybe she needs a chair instead of a pillow! :) What a gorgeous statement it makes!


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