Thursday, September 13, 2012

this morning in the garden

Hydrangeas taking on their late season color. Maples have not yet started to change, that will happen in about a month, we'll see how the 3 week drought in July affected our fall color this year.

The honeysuckle arbor has bloomed consistently this summer with regular deadheading. The akebia arbor in the rear is its usual abundant self. The tall fern bed pooped out in August, the gigantic hostas next to the house are gone too.

I love yellow lantana.

Herbs have been clipped so many times this summer and keep on giving.

Cosmos add late season color and life to the border.

We love this fern, it is perfectly fresh from spring to fall, we cannot remember what variety it is.

 The hydrangea tree is pretty right now, sculptural witch hazel in foreground.

One of the last coneflowers with salvia.

Front yard lantana, can't have too many pots of this happy plant.

Sedum and limelights hydrangea on front walkway.

I love sedum.

Hello people, I am hairy again and have a white face and no one at the park thinks I am a puppy anymore.

stylish serendipity photos


  1. Hi, Cindy - Everything looks beautiful and quite verdant. Your garden just goes on and on and on.....

    Andy is looking very handsome. He must have missed you so much when you were in NYC. Welcome back!

  2. May I just invite myself over, please? Cindy, it is absolutely gorgeous, what I wouldn't give to tour it with you in person! Rio would love to come play with your precious Andy, too!

  3. I love your dog so much.. Your photos are gorgeous! I feel like we take similar photos.. Like I would center what you center and frame how you frame.. I think we would get along just great..
    Beautiful yard!

  4. Your gardens are simply magnificent!!! Hopping over from Simple Details! I love your winding paths of brick!


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