Sunday, April 15, 2012

stylish slipcovers for Ikea furniture

See the beautiful lavender slipcovered sofa? That is an Ikea sofa with a custom Belgian linen slipcover by Bemz.

Our older kids have Ikea sofas in their apartments and I am sure our youngest will one day have an Ikea sofa. When they start showing too much wear and hopefully are still in sturdy shape, Bemz has the solution. 

They sell stylish and sturdy slipcovers to cover current and popular discontinued Ikea furniture. All fabrics are 100% natural and washable and they deliver to 35 countries!

Leslie Pennington started the company when she wanted to stray from the limited fabric choices Ikea offers to achieve the look she wanted for her summer house in Sweden.

Bemz offers 70 solid fabric choices and 80 prints by known designers and even Marimekko, as well as a  3 year guarantee. They offer fabrics in lots of different looks, whether you like Swedish style, industrial chic, modern urban, traditional, boho or eclectic. 

The company makes slipcovers for sofas, chairs,  stools, headboards, bed frames and dining chairs, cushion covers, bed skirts, throw pillows and extra fabric is sold for coordinating window treatments, etc. 

The website has a nice feature that allows you to apply different fabric choices onto your particular Ikea piece to play around with. 

Shop Bemz here. Read their blog here.


  1. Cindy - Thank you for the introduction to Bemz---had never heard of them. Love slipcovers and Ikea. I even visit Ikea when I travel to Sweden :-) Loi

  2. that article is great to read..i like that slip covers.thanks


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