Sunday, July 7, 2013

in the garden this morning...hostas and deer repellent

The front yard hostas are in bloom. The only reason we get to enjoy their show is husband now uses Bobbex repellent every 2 weeks. The deer have become more hungry in the last few years and we have had to figure out a stronger defense. Husband used to scent the beds each summer morning by marking the territory with human scent. ;o) but the Bobbexx is working well now.

Morning nap on the patio.

Calendula and coneflowers reaching for the sun. There really is too much shade here for a perennial border. The trees have matured since we created this bed 12 years ago but it still produces enough blooms to give us lots of summer bouquets for the house.

Coneflowers in the front yard border. Much more sun here, facing south.

Plump blooms on the hydrangeas next to the kitchen door.

Upper front yard bed with Star Magnolia, Hardy Hibiscus, grasses and hostas.

The middle front yard shade bed has a steep grade, it has always suffered from soil and mulch run off. The rocks have solved the problem. 

What's blooming in your yard this week?

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  1. So beautiful. Deer have never touch my hostas, but they are near the pond and front yard. Now, I wonder if I should even bother planting any out back. That is where the deer walk through occasionally.


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