Sunday, June 30, 2013

southern courtyard gardens

The lot we will build on along the Broad River in South Carolina will have room for a small courtyard garden in the back of the house adjacent to a garage and breezeway. Isn't the one above dreamy?

Most homes in the neighborhood have them as there are no driveways in the front of homes. Alleys are used to access unattached garages in the back of each property.

I thought I would share some examples of pretty courtyards that are inspiring us. I love the fountain and palms of the one above. The box hedge is pretty as it frames the reflecting pool.

In this circular courtyard, they veered from using the more common black wrought iron for a fresh look. Love the arched green painted door. Looks like a perfect place for lunch or cocktails!

This one has a small double porch which we would like to use on the back of our house. Love the creeper on the walls (maybe the Sweet Autumn clematis), the boxwoods and wrought iron. Wonder what is twirling up the support? More of the clematis? Hard to imagine it would grow like that

This next one makes use of a narrow side yard which we will have. Nice to see just how many plants can be squeezed into a small space.

No color needed just lots of green!

Crepe myrtles will probably be our first choice for trees. These look so pretty framing the french doors.

The gate to this garden is pretty too, allowing full visibility into the garden.

Do you have a  private little sanctuary garden? Fun to imagine what we will might come  up with! And how much we can fit into a small space.

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Image sources found here.


  1. What a beautiful blog you have my dear!
    Your home your selling is beautiful, it looks like a real "home".
    Will love to watch your move progress.

  2. hi cindy
    just happened upon your blog and am entranced, so much so that i am immediately adding you to my blog list. can't miss a post.
    glad i found you!

  3. Hi, Cindy -
    So gracious, private and serene!! I love walled courtyards. Georgetown, DC has some beautiful and very private courtyards. Have you visited Georgetown? This move will be really exciting as you'll be able to grow lots of southern plants that wouldn't survive the winters in Ohio.
    Have a wonderful 4th ahead. We are headed to Maine.
    Take care,

  4. I love intimate courtyards, especially with a water feature, these are all gorgeous! You wouldn't know what to do without a huge property to care for! :)

  5. Can't wait to see what you do!!! How gorgeous. I think you should do primarily herbs and climbing roses and clematis on the walls!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    These courtyards are wonderful, each one like a little secret garden. You are going to have so much fun designing this space for your new house!
    Crepe myrtles are are lovely, especially the beautifully smooth bark on the mature trees.
    I should warm you that when the flowers drop (& they flower and drop continuously all summer), they stain.
    They will stain the driveway, and they will stain carpeting if they come in on shoes. You may want to consider white blooms instead of pink or purple, unless you plant them im the middle of a lawn.


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