Friday, February 8, 2013

this week

 Here is what is happening over here....

 We are burning through the large pile of stacked logs sitting in the garage and eating lots of pistachios from the mega bag we bought at Costco. See the coffee table...brass leaf with nuts and a discarded shell bowl? Looks like we are almost finished but there is still the big bag with plenty more in the snack drawer. I need to stop going into the snack aisle at Costco, the bags are too big. Does this happen in your house? The day a new item is brought into the house, everyone is interested and takes their share but the following days, no takers. Oh well, new strategy...walk past the snacks, head to the flowers instead.

Found pretty tulips, lilies and alstroemeria last visit.

I remembered to take an Ina food photo! I made Asian Grilled Salmon from her Parties cookbook which I think is one of her best.

 I doctored the recipe though because it was too bland. The sauce consists of just olive oil, soy sauce and mustard. It needed bite and sweetness so I added honey and lime juice. Made it much better and the honey created great caramelization. This is son's plate, I sadly had one little scoop of mashed potatoes on my plate. See the black thing on the middle of the filet? He asked in a typical teenage tone what it was so I picked it up and ate it, yum, crunchy and delicious. Do you cook frozen broccoli in the microwave? It is so easy, I think I do 6 minutes covered. Then toss with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Costco does have the best frozen broccoli. 

I also made Parker's Beef Stew on Super Bowl and I did forget to take a shot, very delicious of course and not quite as rich as her yummy Beef Bourguignon recipe. 

I have been fooling around with some master bedroom changes. I change things in the house at this time every year, part of the hibernation process. I decided it should be feminine and light with touches of green and blue. I use our bedroom as my personal living room since I record shows on that television. Have now chalk painted the bedside tables, a baker's rack we brought down from a guest room and the armoire. The only brown thing left is an antique farmhouse chest of drawers. Will post some pics later once a sunburst arrives for over the bed. 

Here is the baker's rack which is now in place of a table next to my favorite chair. It houses favorite books, magazines and serves as my charging station and a nice place for a scented candle. I painted it in Annie Sloan Country Grey.

Loving our birds at the feeders. I will never get over the beauty of a cardinal in the midst of a bleak landscape. Mother Nature is so amazing. This beautiful boy was outside the kitchen window.

Ran out of personalized stationery so just ordered and quickly received this simple design from etsy seller Short Grass Designs. Can be ordered in lots of colors and comes with kraft envelopes. Would make a great gift.

What is going on in your home on these winter days?


  1. Hello Cindy, Good luck with your new format. Everything in this post look very fresh and appealing. I especially like the cardinal--I am leaving the picture up on my computer, and it makes me feel like I am back in Ohio.
    --Road to Parnassus

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    1. I don't care if they are common, male cardinals are always spectacular in the midst of grey winter days! Thanks for following me to the new address!

  3. What a fun post. I hate shopping at Costco...ever since a couple blatantly pushed their cart in front of mine in a long line (I said, "hey, that's bad karma" and he yelled "Don't threaten me!" Jeez. Fortunately, my husband loves to go. Your salmon looks divine. And such a great shot of the are so kind to give him breakfast!

  4. You didnt just just call Ina's recipe bland now did you! Actually your version looks deeeelicious, I'm trying it this week!x

  5. Haha, Ina is awesome, I would be happy to sit at her table as a guest anytime! I cannot believe what artistry you created with crepe suzette's, Paul!

  6. Your family room looks so cozy, Cindy and I spied sweet Andy. I love Costco, go every week, but I've never tried their frozen broccoli, I'll add to my list for this week! The lamps on the baker's rack are a nice touch, it looks great in your room, nice job thinking outside the box!!


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