Thursday, February 7, 2013

dog art

My talented friend Pam, author of the inspiring Simple Details blog wrote about adding art to her kitchen this morning. She included this kitchen by Suellen Gregory that I love. The dog painting, the floors, the windows, the furniture, the slipcovers, the wallpaper, the basket, I just love the whole thing. Anyway, we have dog art in our house that is bright and fun and comes at a very reasonable price.

Ron Krajewski paints dog portraits in watercolor. He prints them on quality watercolor paper and sells them on Etsy and his website Dog Art Studio. These two are in my art room/studio. I purchased them because the one on the right looks just like Andy, our boy golden retriever, the left one resembles his sister( not from the same mom), our old girl that is no longer with us, Dinah.

This one is in our basement on the staircase wall. I think it is so beautiful.

Check out Ron's portraits here and more of Suellen Gregory's work here. She is another talented Southern designer whose work is as beautiful as Suzanne Kasler and Phoebe Howard. She tends to use more color than they do.

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  1. What gorgeous watercolors, I absolutely need one! Thanks for the sweet mention, I'm off to check out his site!


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