Thursday, January 10, 2013

this week

I have been in the typical January reorganize/refresh/nest mode that occurs every year at this time. Been attacking closets, basement storage and even bookshelves. I love the process of purging, donating and organizing and knowing what I have in the house to find things quickly.

Flowers are at the top of the grocery list each week, loving these mums which have that divine scent of freshness when you first walk into a greenhouse or florist shop. My grocery always offers 3 bouquets for $12 with lots of choices. They do not include roses and tulips but those are often inexpensive as well.

I have been buying hypericum berries for the last month, my favorite early green ones seem to be gone but they still have these sweet matured pink ones. The pens and pencils by Iomoi were in my Christmas stocking purchased by moi to make things easier on my husband who is rather clueless in the gift giving department.

I prefer small little bouquets sprinkled around the house. The candle was a gift from our son's girlfriend, another Anna striped candle.

I veered from Ina's recipes for a moment to make a bean soup in the crock pot from the big fat ham bone left in the freezer from Christmas Eve. Delicious and rich. This photo is  before it simmered for 6 hours.

I also made Ina's spaghetti and meatballs, another recipe from her Family Style cookbook. 

I have not made meatballs in years. I rarely cook meat at home, we eat fish, poultry and lots of beans and lentils.  Everyone knows to order it in restaurants so this was a treat for my husband and sons to have it at home. They were delicious. I forgot the grease spattering part of sauteeing them that required clean up on me and the cooktop.

I have been trying to cook exclusively from the freezers as part of my purging/organizing. We have several appetizers left that I never used during the holidays. Decided to ask friends over for Super Bowl in a few weeks to use everything up. Found  frozen shrimp so last night tried Ina's roasted shrimp cocktail from her Back to Basics book. 

They tasted a bit better than boiled shrimp because well, what doesn't taste better roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper? Quick and easy too, just the sheet pan to clean. Mine were not the gorgeous color that Ina's were though. I think this can be attributed to the fact that I used frozen smaller shrimp from Costco, hers were probably huge fresh ones from a Hamptons seafood shop. I will use this method again and make sure the shrimp are very dry after thawing. Determined to get the pretty color of the ones in the photo. The sauce was good too but the exact way I make cocktail sauce so nothing new.

That's what I am up to this week, what have you been up to in your home? Have a great weekend, we are stir crazy so are going to head to Pittsburgh, one of my favorite cities, tomorrow for a fun day exploring. We are in the midst of a thaw, very warm temps so good to escape for a day before snow again.


  1. I love your bouquets...just thinking that I need to get on the ball cleaning/organizing like you...then I remembered that I straighten and purged the garage and we can fit two cars in there again :)

  2. Oh my, this is making me hungry! I haven't made ham and beans forever, it would be perfect tomorrow, we have snow in the forecast for the weekend! Enjoy your outing!


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