Friday, November 16, 2012

the Met, part 1

 How do you approach daunting museums like the Louvre or the Metropolitan Museum of Art? We limit the visit to a certain wing of the museum, a certain exhibit or a certain subject matter. We would end up like zombies if we just wandered aimlessly and lost track of time. 

We squeezed in a two hour visit last Saturday after touring the 911 Memorial in the morning and burgers at The Corner Bistro in the West Village for lunch. Our kids checked out this show

I love decorative arts, husband is willing to follow my lead in a museum so we headed to the British Silver exhibit first. It is a small collection but there are some very pretty pieces.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This display contains a set of gorgeous gilt and silver platters and Chinese imported porcelain with English silver mounts, all from the late 1500's. The etched platters were stunning up close. Below is one of them from the online catalog. Made by an unknown silversmith with the initials P.M.

photo/The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cameras are allowed in the museum without flash but glare and shadows reduce the quality as you can see from the comparison of the same porcelain silver-gilt ewer from 1547 below so I am going to show you my favorite pieces with a few photos from the  Metropolitan Museum of Art online catalog. 

photo/The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A set of flagons attributed to Richard Blackwell, 1646

Another unmarked Chinese bowl from the 1500's. The beauty of blue and white never gets old!

photo/The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sugar casters by Lewis Mettayer, 1714

A wine cooler by William Lukin, 1716.

Another unmarked Chinese porcelain bowl from the 1500's.
photo/The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Love the simplicity of this platter by Isaac Liger, 1714.
photo/The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Beautiful Islamic earthenware next learn more about the British Silver exhibit, go here.

stylish serendipity photos unless otherwise noted which belong to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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