Wednesday, October 31, 2012

blog rethink

Thank you for such kind comments about the blog, you are so nice to comment and email me!  I have been thinking about what to do. Last week, I was thinking the blog was kaput... boring, lacking any interesting content, blah but after hearing from such thoughtful readers, perhaps I should just change the format a bit. One is to post much less frequently, perhaps a few times a month and the second is to post only unique content, taken with my own camera with the exception of a monthly Etsy post with some of my favorite finds. Etsy is a never ending source of entertainment for me, not to mention a definite stress reliever and mood enhancer. There is something about seeing all that creativity grouped together in one place! We are heading to NYC to visit our daughter next week and work on the bedroom of her apartment, perhaps a post can come from that. I appreciate hearing from you, thank you!


  1. Yay, that sounds like a good plan. Maybe you have been putting too much pressure on yourself to produce. I felt the same a few months ago, always trying to make it interesting, always trying to produce news worthy content. I then took a step back and tried to sort out in my head who I was blogging for. I came to the conclusion that it was for me. If in the process I gained friends and followers, that was the bonus, the icing on the cake, but ultimately I want to do it as a record of my existence. Something for my friends and family to look back on one day as a diary of events. I wish I had something like it from my parents.

    I am so glad you had a rethink, you obviously have a lot of people who want to keep reading what you have to say, me included :-)

    All the very best. Hope you have a good time in NY - keep dry!

  2. Good thinking! I just post once or twice a week. Enjoy your daughter!

  3. Fantastic news, look forward to your New York posts. New York seasonal store windows and displays please. Xxx

  4. Welcome back! I am so happy you've decided to return. I held on to your blog on my 'top' list thinking that I could re-read the old posts. Now, it's the best of both worlds - the old posts and new ones, too!

    Thank you!


  5. Best of luck in NYC, Cindy. Can't wait to see postings of SuSu's apt. Very pleased to hear that you are rethinking the blog. It is such a positive way to start the day!



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