Friday, November 2, 2012

little gifts

This morning I prepared some small gifts to give. As I was doing that, I received some small gifts too. I am giving wristlet key chains in cute patterns made by Abby Frey to ten of my soccer lady friends that I have been sitting with all these years as we watched our sons play. Pairing them with pretty sticky notes made by Michelle Brusegaard. The boys are seniors, their final season has just ended. Sad.

As I was wrapping the presents, I spotted a splash of pink in the border out the kitchen window. Needed to put my boots on and check it out. A brave pink clematis, clinging to its tuteur, decided to put on a show right before its bedtime. It stands out among the leaf covered bed. 

Green Jewel Echinacea at the other end of the bed is still hanging on too, despite a week of temperatures in the 40's, ten inches of rain and several days of high winds from Hurricane Sandy. We leave a blanket of leaves on all the beds to protect and enrich the plants over the winter. Most years we are covered in snow most of the winter, with the exception of last year when we experienced several melts. We will see what this year brings. The perennials and ground covers pop though in the spring, the leaf cover decomposes, enriching the soil.

As I am writing this, another little gift just appeared! Can you tell what it is?

Something we have not seen in 8 days! Have a warm cozy weekend everyone! Hope you see some sun! 

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  1. Such a thoughtful gift, Cindy! Our kiddos growing up is so bittersweet, this year mine said he was too old to trick or treat, so we left him home to pass out candy and walked the neighborhood with our friends and their little ones! Hope your trip to NY goes smoothly.


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