Friday, April 10, 2015

the puppy this week

Hi everyone!
Three month old puppy pics. Bodhi is doing well with training and we are settling into a nice routine. But how many times we go out to pee each day is crazy! He sleeps through the night and loves his crate thank goodness.  Every day is a puppy day and our exploring the South has come to a halt for now. 

I am enjoying working in the yard with Bodhi as my "helper". The daffodils and muscari we planted in the fall have been a treat after the winter but I forgot to get my camera out and photograph them, they are fading now. I am always walking with the puppy and am usually not with phone or the camera anymore.

So happy spring everyone! My favorite time of year.

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  1. Haha oh they are so much work! But I'm so glad you did it! When I got Barbie I practically took maternity leave because she needed so much and I wanted to get her trained in that golden window. All the work up front will so reward you later!! I know you know that already though. But I doesn't hurt to be reminded when you're standing outside for the 10000th time eagerly awaiting dog pee like lottery numbers. He couldn't be cuter! When you guys have done your various exploration trips around the South, have you been driving or flying?

  2. Cindy, he is just darling!! I miss those puppy days - but not all those pee trips outside! Make sure you keep taking tons of pictures. You know how fast this time goes!


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