Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fairhope and Point Clear, Alabama

Hi everyone!

Life has changed over here. 
There is a cute little creature in our house that is keeping us quite busy! 

More on the little peanut later after I share some of the spring beauty we saw last week on our Gulf Coast trip to Fairhope, Alabama and New Orleans.

Fairhope is a flower filled village on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. Many streets have planting beds installed on the sides of the road! It is a very beautiful place that we fell in love with.We were happy to catch the spring bulbs at peek.

Panini Pete's is perfect for coffee and beignets.

Pretty place for trash...

We stayed at the Marriott Grand Resort in Point Clear a few minutes from downtown Fairhope and enjoyed it. 

We loved the walk along the water from the hotel to see the charming homes with docks on the bay that were nestled in oaks....

How about the cute yellow striped awnings protecting this porch of this summer home from winter winds?

We will hopefully be back to visit Fairhope again next winter for a longer visit. Some Mobile and New Orleans beauty next post...

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Ahhhhh! So sweet!!! Can't wait to hear more about him. Fairhope looks beautiful.

  2. Wow, Cindy it's just beautiful!! You know I can't wait to hear more about your sweet little peanut! :)

  3. What a nice trip you had. Those tulips and bulbs are spectacular! The Fairhope visitor center is precious. So is your new baby, by the way. Looking forward to hearing more about him and seeing more photos. I love how he blends in with his bed!

    Thank you for the lovely spring photos. We are 30 degrees below our normal temps for this time of year & I have been photographing snowy scenes. Here's hoping next week brings the warm weather back...
    Happy puppy days (they grow so fast!),

  5. Cindy I hate to bother you but we need a puppy update!


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