Tuesday, December 2, 2014

gifts for gardeners 2

Hi everyone!
Here is a second group of etsy gift ideas...

1. Hand sewn tote and tools , may be monogrammed

2. a pack of 30 wood markers

3. an adorable 2015 wall calendar

4. a handmade journal for taking note of successes, failures and garden designs

5. love this test tube vase that is flexible

6. a vintage watering can with a great shape

7. cute raffia tied fruit gift tags

8. holiday cards in a botanical font

9. great linen garden dungarees 

For some more ideas I posted the other day, go here...

Thanks for visiting!


  1. That calendar is so cute!! I'm already looking forward to the 2015 garden season. Fun picks, Cindy!

  2. Those botanical cards are just wonderful, as is everything in their shop. Thanks for all the great, and reasonable, ideas!

  3. I can picture you gardening in cute linen dungarees! Love the fun test tube vase, (the link didn't work). Thanks for more fun ideas sweet friend!

  4. I would love any of these! Great ideas!


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