Sunday, July 21, 2013

time for a break

I am going to take a break from blogging while we are selling our house and planning the design of the new one. I feel stuck in between homes with not much to share. I may start up again at some point once we make our move but for now, thank you to anyone who visited my little blog and especially those who were so kind to comment and email! The blogging world is full of friendly, beautiful and talented people with big hearts! I will continue to visit my favorite blogs so you will still hear from me!

As always, thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh Cindy...I know how very very frustrating this all can be. And I/we certainly understand that you take a "blogging break" while you move etc. BUT if I can help you with the header, let me know: I know Photoshop backwards and forwards, and would be happy to spend a few minutes getting this in shape for you! Just the header, right? If I have your images, the font you want etc., it would really not be a big job or take much time to help out here!
    Really, just let me know. I'm away all this week up in New England, but home by next Sunday and back to my big computer where i could work on this.. Let me know, ok???

  2. Oh, so sorry you are having problems with blogger. I will miss your posts. I hope you share your new home.

  3. ohhhh, and just when i found you!
    fully understand, but you have a lot to say, on many topics, i will look forward to your voice again

  4. Enjoy your break, but don't stay away too long! Keep us posted when you can, Cindy.
    PS - I need to change my blog header but am terrified of messing up. I appreciate all the help you gave me when I first started :)

  5. Oh dear, I'll miss your posts, Cindy! I look forward to hearing about your new home in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future. Enjoy your break from blogging, but don't be gone for too long!

  6. Oh, my sweet friend you know I'll miss you, your beautiful gardens and Andy! I always enjoy anything you post about, you have such impeccable taste! It will be nice for you to take a break and focus on your new plans and design, and I'll be following along on Pinterest! :) Good luck with your sale, guaranteed someone will appreciate the beautiful home and gardens you've created!

  7. Oh, Cindy, I am going to miss your blog and your amazing garden and your excellent photos!
    I'll be waiting for your return with the story of your new house and courtyard garden and life in the south.
    Best wishes,

  8. Can't wait to read about the new place. Take your time, good luck!

  9. Hope everything is progressing well for you Cindy!
    Thanks for stopping by today :-)

  10. Please let me know when you are I can put you on my blog roll...good luck!

  11. I am really looking forward to hearing all about your exciting new project and how its all going Cindy:)
    Paul xoxo


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