Friday, April 26, 2013

this morning in the garden

Another cool night last night with frost on the ground this morning. The Muscari bulbs are popping up everywhere because that is where we have them planted...everywhere!

The Hellebores are still here, lots of glare this morning showing up in the photos.

The Honeysuckle and Clematis arbor is filling in.

The Japanese Maple at this end of the pond is leafing out.

This season has been the best in our twelve years here, daffodils have been up for several weeks!

Foliage of the wood anemone which bloomed last week.

Sweet Woodruff has popped but not flowering yet.

 Andy looking serene, his serious face. An old man at the park asked me why my dog was depressed the other day. Huh? "Why do you say that?" "Well, he is not smiling and looks sad". "I don't think he can continually smile"!

 Brunnera blooms before it reaches its full height.

Celadine poppies are blooming throughout the woods.

We have the hardest time with Dicentra, this one is hardy but we have had many fail over the years here. In southern Ohio where we used to live, they were completely reliable.

 A Dog Toothed Violet in bloom but still closed from the night.

 Daffodils still up in driveway side beds.

 These are some of the only Bluebells we have (foliage in the front of bed in photo below). They do not naturalize in this climate like they did in Southern Ohio, which has been disappointing for us as they are one of our  favorite spring flowers. We had to finally edge the sloped beds on the side and front yards with rocks because we have washouts after heavy rainfalls. We fought it for years but finally succumbed. Everything stays in place now.

 The lonely Yellow Magnolia that we planted last year that the deer severely damaged in the winter. We discovered it too late and burlapped it. It is budding now but less than half the size it was.

Husband clipped the heck out of the Akebia arbor, it will fill in in no time. Mother Robin made a nest on the left and used a piece of plastic you can just barely see on the left.

View of both arbors, creating the "living room" of the patio.

The Yellow Flag Iris coming in, we have it planted at both sides of the pond. Tiered planter waiting for its herbs, that is the only place we can find for it where it receives enough sun and is convenient to easily reach from the kitchen.

Are you working in your garden today? We are awaiting a delivery of mulch and more rocks and a forecast for the next week of warmth and sun!  

I finally finished painting the bookshelves but have not finished purging the books yet, will post later. Took a long time because we decided the white was too stark for the rest of the house and ended up with the mushroom color that is on the walls (even though the white looked so fresh and clean and brought light to the hallway ;o( ). Will post photos later.

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  1. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, your garden is so fab and dreamy to look at.

    I do worry about your little fishes though! They're quite exposed. Do you have an birds that go after them?

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Thank you Paul! Yes, I think the fish feel exposed. The water lilies take awhile to get going. Once they are up, there are plenty of hiding places. The two predators that want the fish....a Great Blue Heron that comes a few times a year that we shoo away and raccoons. Luckily we live far enough out in the country that we do not see too many raccoons, they are really city dwellers. Have a great spring weekend!

  2. Fab, indeed!! Agreeing with Mr. Paul :) I planted lots of white muscari bulbs two or three seasons ago. They only bloomed once....never came back. So disappointing. And I think Andy looks regal and gentle, not sad!! Have a great weekend! xoxo, Loi

  3. Oh, Cindy it couldn't be a more beautiful spring garden, ours are still a ways behind yours but I can't wait! Thanks for indulging us with a photo of Andy, I think he looks perfectly content! I'm sure your bookcase is gorgeous, anxiously awaiting your post.

  4. Hi Cindy, nice to meet you. That arbor is stunning. I am always obsessing over my garden, too. What a beautiful space you have. I have always wanted a pond like that.

  5. Such pretty garden photos, Cindy. The hellebores are beautiful. We need to plant some of them in our shady areas. Andy doesn't look sad to me, he looks content. He's such a handsome boy!

  6. Hi Cindie,
    I love your beautiful woodland gardens! The swathes of brunnera are gorgeous. I like the way your borders and plants "flow". You must have a lovely view from every window.
    You have so many of the plants I would love to grow. The Texas heat and alkaline soil would not be welcoming, so it's a treat to "walk" through your property.
    How long have you had this yard? It looks like many years of work, clearing under all those trees, and building the fish ponds and arbors.


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