Thursday, March 7, 2013

ginger dressing sockeye salmon and slaw

Last night I wanted to use the remainder of a bottle of Japanese ginger dressing I had bought last month. I ordinarily do not buy bottled dressings because it is so easy and much more delicious to make homemade dressing when needed and the ingredients are usually on hand. In fact, I made a caesar dressing a few days ago with white wine vinegar (in place of lemon juice that I was out of) that is so good I want to take a spoon of it when I open the fridge door and spot it! Back  to last night...

I made a slaw with cabbage, carrots and cucumber sliced on the thinnest mandoline blade (I use this one) and tossed with the dressing that is sold in my regular grocery.

Then marinated thawed Alaska Sockeye Salmon fillets (which is the prettiest pink color and supposed to have more nutrition) in the dressing for thirty minutes and grilled on the grill pan.  Used a bit to glaze the salmon at the end of cooking. Yum! Husband and I have lost 4 pounds each so far in preparation for the beach in a few weeks! Few more to go!

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  1. That looks so delicious and healthy, Cindy! Love your criss-cross grill marks, too. I've tried that salmon from Costco and it's very good, last night we had the frozen broccoli you recommended and loved it. We're taking advantage of 60 degrees and having sliders on the grill tonight before another winter storm hits.


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