Friday, March 22, 2013

gilding little frames and the art of Geninne Zlatkis

More brown was banished! This little trio of sweet artwork by Mexican artist Gennine Zlatkis was fine in dark brown but I am looking to change things these days and decided I wanted to use to use more Rub N Buff somewhere in the house so I gilded them. They hang in the kitchen, around the corner from the toleware candle sconces I gilded the other day.

Here you can see the difference, I prefer the lighter look of the gold.

I love Gennine's designs. This series has a lovely message.

The light is uneven in the space with a lot of light at the top from the transom so the gild on the bottom frame looks darker but they are the same as demonstrated below.

The sky is white, devoid of any color and has been like this for two weeks! We received 4' more inches of snow last night. YUCK. Where is the sun? I will see it tomorrow but it requires a plane ticket. I am ready for sand and warm sun!

Are you tweaking little things in your house on these long cabin fever days?

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  1. I love adding something a bit whimsical to rooms, these are so fun for spring and look fabulous in their 'new' frames! Soak up some sun for me too! :)

  2. The graduating light reflecting on the frames looks great Cindy, much more interesting than the brown. Bon voyage!

  3. So pretty. Yes, I am tweaking things around here...we have sunshine in the afternoon in California but so gloomy in the morning with the marine layer. Have a good trip!


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