Saturday, December 15, 2012

more NYC holiday windows...Bergdorf Goodman

Part two of our daughter's tour of New York department store windows, the always amazing Bergdorf Goodman. These windows are SPECTACULAR!  Astounding really when you inspect each stunning detail!  Because Bergdorf's has so many windows, I will break it into two posts. The theme this year is The BG Follies, taking inspiration from vaudeville, the Ziegfield Follies and Hollywood musicals of the 1930"s. Enjoy...

Haha! Last minute adjustments...that is the backside of David Hoey, the creative mind behind the design of Bergdorf's windows. Read about the talented Visual Director in this New York Times article and a Style Republic article.

Read more about Bergdorf's 2012 windows here.

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  1. Fab, Fab, Fab! The detailing is exquisite, from the bevelled glass to the trapeze girls playing amongst the theatre tassels. Gorge!


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