Friday, October 12, 2012

take this on a trip

Do you have one of these reversible beauties made by Mycra Pac? One belongs in every suitcase. They come in great shades, all reverse to black. The collar is pleated and unfolds to a hood. The design is loose but flattering, lots of layers fit underneath. They come in several lengths. Each one comes with a large pouch to pack it in that doubles as a practical crossbody bag. 

photographs by Nordstrom

I have this knee length one in sapphire/black, which is actually a much richer shade, more like midnight blue. My friend has a stylish black one with large abstract butterflies on it. We bought my mother a long metallic bronze one several years ago that she likes to travel with. Nordstrom carries Mycra Pac coats, the stores have a much larger selection than the website.
Shop online here. 

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  1. You always have the BEST finds ~ this is perfect for travel, it's so hard to find something that's stylish, yet not bulky, and with a hood! Enjoy a wonderful fall weekend.


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