Thursday, October 18, 2012

Carolyne Roehm

 Tip for today....head on over to Carolyne Roehm's newly formatted blog. She no longer sells items, she just shares her beautiful gardens and home in huge stunning photographs. Carolyne displays nature's bounty in a spectacular way, no matter the season. Difficult not to pin every image.... actually most images are probably on Pinterest already! Here are a few favorites from recent posts but check her out for yourself here.

She revamped her greenhouse.

Her sunflower displays are elegant mixed with sterling silver.

Summer colors in her library, since changed to red. Check out the blog to see the changes.

She has a gorgeous dahlia garden! I admire this as I do not have the energy to be a dahlia gardener!

all photographs from Carolyne Roehm

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  1. She is such an inspiration, I've had one of her books for years, and still look to it for ideas. Thanks for the tip on her blog, I didn't realize she had one, I have a feeling I'll be there awhile!


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