Friday, September 28, 2012

discovering designers...Tom Sheerer

I love this neutral entry hall in Maine by Tom Sheerer. Classic and traditional but full of quirky, fun pieces with an eye catching floor to ceiling gallery wall. He likes to mix beautiful things in a casual way. Take a look at some of my favorite rooms of his....

Visit Tom Sheerer's website here.


  1. Any friend of Pam's is a friend of mine so I knew I had to stop over. And I think it was meant to be...Tom Scheerer is one of my favorites and I consider him one of my design idols. Everything about his style and designs is spot on perfect in my book. His mix of patterns and antiques is always so nice. I also read that he will have a book coming out soon (I believe collaborating with Mimi Read). Glad to stop by and looking forward to reading more.

  2. Well said Holly, his interiors are stylish but completely livable. Thanks for the heads up on his book!


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