Monday, June 4, 2012

this morning in the garden

 The honeysuckle arbor has bloomed and the hummingbird has discovered it but have not been able to get my camera in time to capture it.

The water lilies are up and blooming.

The first hydrangea bloom is opening but this group is quite damaged from the early warm weather and then frost damage in April. We will get lots of blooms but this trio of shrubs  are not the size they usually are. Most years are huge, rounded and uniform.

The herbs are starting to grow.

Birdbath water must taste good.

Looking at the other Andy in the water.

First hosta bloom is opening.

Roped off akebia arbor to protect mama robin and her babies nestled within.


stylish serendipity photos


  1. Love touring your garden, Cindy. Your hydrangeas are ahead of ours, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a great year for them. It's Rio's favorite drinking spot, too!

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  3. Cindy, your pond looks so beautiful and clear. Stunning!

  4. Hi Cindy - I really enjoyed this post! Your pond is so GORGEOUS, and your honeysuckle arbor is perfect! The big ferns below look great and very healthy. BTW, Andy is looking very sporty :-)

    And, I love how you roped off the akebia for the robins.....that's exactly what I would do. I love it when Robins and other birds build nests in the garden.

    Thanks for the garden tour.


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