Friday, June 29, 2012

Kaj Franck bowls

It started with the classic enamel mushroom bowl. We were given one for our wedding almost 30 years ago. There was a beautiful Scandinavian shop in the suburb of Cincinnati that I grew up in called The Village Viking. It was a jewel box of a shop that as teenagers we all adored, along with our mothers. They carried the full line of Marimekko fabrics and accessories, unique jewelry and beautiful Arabia tableware.  Anyway, we received many gifts from The Village Viking for our wedding. The bowl chipped a bit over the years as it was frequently used for salads and popcorn(they all chip but that does not reduce the charm of Kaj Franck bowls). When our son moved west to Portland, Oregon for his first job after college, I felt generous and gave him our mushroom bowl. 

I really missed having the bowl and started to search for one, thus began my little obsession with Kaj Franck bowls. I purchased the heart bowl for our daughter's first apartment in NYC. I purchased one of the mushroom bowls for my cousin as a reminder of her mom who was a great cook that liked to cook with mushrooms. I found this one for my neighbor that likes blue.

So here is my current collection. I still need to add the mushroom bowl, became distracted with the other patterns!

I am always curious to discover any other patterns that were made. They were made in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. Do you have a Kaj Franck bowl?


  1. I adore my heart bowl you got me :) And I love that blue one you got Sue! Also, I think we should ALL have the mushroom bowl in our kitchens. It's the one that started it all.

  2. Those are so cute!


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