Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smith & Hawken at Target

When Smith & Hawken shut down their stores, I was sad because as a gardener, I loved checking out their stylish selections and useful tools, especially the clearance items. I think I found something to love and take home every time I was in the store. I knew they offered  an inexpensive line at Target and would check that out too. 

After seeing this beautiful planter on Pinterest and following the link, I was excited to find out it was at Target! Many items that Smith & Hawken sold in their stores are now being offered exclusively online through Target...but not at Target's usual pricing, closer to Smith & Hawken's original price point. They found a less expensive way to sell their merchandise through a discounter but the merchandise is not discounted. I wonder if the products are the same  quality as they were before?

Check out the collection here, by the way, the planter above is $129.

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  1. I miss S&H terribly. They had a charming store minutes from my home. I do love Target, and it is great to see some S&H products there. Hope S&H will consider re-opening a store in DC. Loi


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