Friday, June 3, 2011

where I live...

chagrin river, downtown chagrin falls/source

is very pretty. People feel sorry for you when you say you live in northeast Ohio. They don't know. Blanketed in snow all winter from lake effect weather means beautiful snowfalls, white Christmases,  lush green springs,  summers with much less humidity than most other parts of the country and amazing fall foliage.  There are rivers,wetlands, lakes and ponds everywhere. No shortage of water in this part of the country and there is all the wildlife that goes along with it. I really do love where I live.....

(except in January, February and March when I am very depressed, cook and eat too much, spend hours looking at real estate in warm climates, plan getaways, wonder if life is worth living, blow off dog walks because of the crappy weather, look forward all day to getting in bed at night to read and watch television, wonder if I will ever get to wear my sunglasses again, you get the idea).

chagrin falls in the summer/ source

chagrin falls popcorn shop/ source

geauga county/source

blossom festival time, chagrin falls/source

chagrin falls in the summer/source

chagrin hardware/source

chagrin river,south chagrin metropark/source
the popcorn shop in the winter/source unknown

blossom parade, chagrin falls/source

cuyahoga valley national park/source

cuyahoga river/source


  1. :) :) :)

    love this, mere. I miss home.

  2. I LOVE this posting....infact, I love it so much, I'm going to share it so my out of stater's (friends and family) can see why I too LOVE living here.

  3. thanks for commenting Lindi! just returned from dog walk at south chagrin reservation....beautiful today, river was full and lots of wildflowers!

    btw-time to start a Lindi blog.....

  4. I think the presence of black squirrels add to Chagrin's beauty.

  5. ha! didn't think about our black squirrels, here is the story of how they got here

    when my mom visits, she is always at the window, on constant watch for the black squirrels... who are all over our" squirrel-proof" feeders

  6. Just stumbled on your great blog. I so agree with you--there is great beauty in NE Ohio, in every season. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. A Californian here who loves Northeast Ohio. My sister lives in Lorain County and I love visiting in autumn. We're thinking about relocating there - the cost of living is another big plus! - and so I've been scouring the internet looking for pictures of Chagrin Falls since I've fallen in love with the real estate there. Thanks for posting such pretty photos.


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