Monday, May 16, 2011

crusty feet remedy

  1. buy this thing

My dry feet cannot live without the Swedish Clover foot file.  It is waterproof, will not peel or break and has a long life.  One rough side and one fine to file away calluses and cracked skin in the tub, shower or can be used dry as well.
to purchase, go here  

2. then buy either one of these

3. then buy this

4. file your dry feet over a trash basket so the dead skin has a place to drop.  Disgusting....yes.

5.  then file with water until they are smooth in the bath or shower.

6.  dry feet and rub Aquaphor or Vaseline briskly, for several minutes, including cuticles of toe nails

7. leaving ointment on, add Apricot Scrub and scrub the heck out of them, mixing the scrub and ointment together.

8. wash with gentle soap or cleanser.

9. follow with your favorite hand or foot cream.  

10. follow same procedure for your dry crusty hands

11. if you can, wear one of the ointments with cotton socks and cotton gloves like these while you sleep, read or watch television to preserve the softness

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