Wednesday, March 30, 2011

where I've been....the Adirondacks

My husband and I spent our anniversary in  the Adirondacks. 
Their fall color is spectacular. We would like to go back and visit again to see their spring.... their summers tend to be very crowded... too popular.

We started the trip at Lake George.

 Stayed at this place in Bolton Landing, NY,

  Were lucky to witness this as well as a pretty sunset from the dock at cocktail time. 

                     This end of Lake George is charming.

We left Lake George and drove north through rural Vermont, and then took the ferry

 from Burlington, Vt across Lake Champlain
 back to NY and discovered Lake Placid, which is very pretty!

           We stayed at this inn on Mirror Lake in the town of Lake Placid.

       We ate a delicious dinner at the hotel's restaurant.  

                And gained new admiration for the perseverance, dedication and bravery of training olympic winter athletes at the USA Olympic training center.

We also had a delicious dinner at this resort.

 We loved every minute of the entire trip!


  1. I envy you...what a beautiful vacation. My family used to go up to Lake Placid from Cuba in the old days/ My grandmother loved it. I haven't been in years and must rectify that. Maybe next Fall. Thank you for including my blogs in your blogroll.

  2. So lovely! All those pictures are gorgeous.


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