Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sea Pines Thanksgiving

Hi everybody!

I forgot to post some more of the beauty of our week on Hilton Head after the first two cloudy days. The sun arrived on Wednesday for the rest of the week. It is such a beautiful island and family friendly. A wide beautiful beach, miles and miles of canopied bike trails through beautiful scenery, great bird watching and the occasional alligator and tasteful island architecture, Sea Pines is so lovely.

Our daughter and I biked the trails and walked the beach every day. We found lots of sand dollars this year.  On a beach bike ride, we kept hearing crunching and realized we were riding over sand dollars! Forgot to photograph them though as we were quite focused on the treasure hunt, I think we brought home at least forty of them.

Looking towards Daufuskie Island. I love cloud watching.

A new dock was built at Harbour Town alongside the marina, great for dolphin watching.  We saw several close range but I could not get the right timing for a photo.

We ate a sunny warm lunch at Coast in the new Beach Club, lovely setting.

Poor little blow fish on the beach. 

 Kayaks and paddle boards at Harbour Town.

The beach gets much much wider than this at low tide.

Daughter dolphin watching, rocking the ombre hair.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Daufuskie in the distance. 

Twin oaks across the street from our rental home on the canal.

There were plenty of people on the island over Thanksgiving but once you are in place, you do not feel crowds, especially in Sea Pines. It was calm and quiet. We barely used the car the entire week except to get groceries for Thanksgiving dinner at the excellent grocery Harris Teeter. Love being in Sea Pines.

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  1. Oh Cindy, this looks wonderful! The SC coast is a beautiful place. So glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving in such a special locale.

  2. Oh how I love the TEETS (my phone autocorrects it to all caps, which never ceases to make me laugh), I missed it this year.
    Your photography is stunning. It captures the light and feeling of HHI at Thanksgiving so well. It's funny that my cousins reported such AWFUL weather, and it seems perfect! Their version of "good" weather is more akin to Florida than the Carolinas. I love it when it's cool enough to wear a sweater at the beach, but sunny enough to be warm. Did you go through Palmetto Dunes and find my holly? Glad you had such a lovely Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed these photos.

    1. PS-does your friend Dana know the latest on Daufuskie? I'm hoping it'll come back to its heyday with the improving economy. I was there at the best of times in 2006 for a wedding and couldn't believe how different things were when I was back in 2010. Such a pretty island.


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